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More Than a Calling Plan Provider

Teams Texting In-App Number Management Enhanced User Analytics Real-Time Queue Analytics Call Recording Professional Services Custom Development Contact Center Integration Enhanced Support

Teams Plus

Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Teams with Teams Plus

Teams Texting

Harness the power of text messages in Teams, whether through your Teams DID or a Teams Channel.

Number Management

Simplify number management with a single-pane solution for all your phone numbers.

Enhanced User Analytics

Empower your Teams success with in-depth analytics.

Call Recording

Capture every conversation seamlessly.

Real-Time Queue Analytics

Get real-time insights into your queues.

Professional Services

Leave the entire implementation to us.

Custom Development

Partner with us for tailored solutions.

Contact Center Integration

Leverage competitive rates for voice applications.

Reliable Infrastructure for Microsoft Teams

Unlocking Network Possibilities Beyond Operator Connect

While Operator Connect is a powerful solution for many, we understand that not every organization fits the same mold. Your unique network demands a tailored approach. That’s where Teams Plus shines.

Direct Routing for Unparalleled Integration:

  • For those seeking seamless integration with other voice applications like Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), analog devices (paging systems, faxes, door phones, and more), or even the flexibility to bring their own carrier (BYOC), our Direct Routing solution is your answer.

Customize Your Network, Your Way:

  • Choose Direct Routing to retain control and flexibility over your voice network. We’re here to assist in creating a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements. Whether it’s integrating Teams with existing on-premises systems or achieving QoS through our network while retaining your carrier agreement, Teams Plus empowers you to do it your way.

Diverse Network Capabilities, One Trusted Partner:

  • At Teams Plus, we’re more than just a calling plan provider. We’re your partner in creating a voice network that adapts to your unique needs. We embrace the diversity of your network and provide solutions that enhance your communication, no matter the complexity.

When Operator Connect isn’t the perfect fit, Teams Plus is here to unlock a world of possibilities for your voice network.

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